Mayhem VI Heat List:


WOD 2 – Heat of the Fire Jotnar

April 30, 2015by Ted2015WOD

WOD 2 – Heat of the Fire Jotnar

April 30, 2015 by Ted

For Time. Time Cap: 6:00 Individual, 12:00 Teams. Teams will do two rounds of the following. (See WOD notes below)

  • 25m sprint to yoke.
  • Turn around and face the starting line. You are on the 25m course.
  • Pick up yoke and carry to 1st 5m cone. (One Burpee-over-yoke if you drop between cones. Teams drop penalty do one each for three total burpee-over-yokes)
  • Burpees-over-yoke at every cone (see below for burpee count)
  • Run back to yoke start and then run back to cone.
  • Carry yoke to next cone and repeat burpee and run sequence until finish line.
  • Yoke walk back – Reverse course and repeat sequence until yoke is back to it’s original starting position.

Yoke Carry Loads 

  • Sx & Gmx: 365/285
  • Rx, Mx, Team: 465/365 Team – Carry anyway, distribute anyway
  • RTG: 545/465

Burpee Counts:

  • Sx & Gmx: 2
  • Rx & Mx: 3
  • Team: 3 Distribute burpees anyway
  • RTG: 3