For both Individuals and Teams – there is a catch. Isn’t there always a catch? Watch the video for full details – and get ready to LIFT HEAVY!! I want to see HUGE lifts this year – get to practicing!

No more shit talking about how you like to lift heavy – come and show me.

Here is where my Ulfhednar will rise. Their strength and power will make the very ground tremble beneath your feet – will you have the strength to be among them?




Mayhem 5 – This November 4th and 5th! Early Registration OPEN

June 15, 2016by Ted02016News

Mayhem 5 – This November 4th and 5th! Early Registration OPEN

June 15, 2016 by Ted0

Early Registration Discount code #mayhem5 gets you 15% off NOW!

We have decided to move Mayhem to the Fall months. BUT – I don’t want to wait until November 2017, so – we are going to have two Mayhem Comps this year!

Mayhem 5 will be this year November 4th and 5th. We will be following the same Friday Night Skill Station format and Saturday Competitions.

The WODs? They ain’t done yet.  But, rest assured – they will be designed to reward the committed athlete. Because I know how you like it – and I don’t disappoint.

The weather should be a little cooler and we are planning some pretty awesome stuff for this go around – stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook for details!

Here is the link for registering  use #mayhem5 and get 15% off! (yes, it looks like the old site – because, well – it is the old site. We are updating it right now. Look man – you are saving money, so don’t bitch)

Sign up now – save some money and get to training. Mayhem 5 is coming – and its all about REVENGE!!

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