April 1, 2015 Ted0

This Saturday at 9am we will be running a test run of one of our WODS –

Ragnarok Heavy

In the spirit of fairness – we invite anyone who is able, to attend.

Participation is, of course – free. “Free” in the financial sense only.

Your body will find it taxing. Your Will – tested. Your “crossfit” training rendered obsolete. 2014’s Ragnarok Begins was brutal, 2015’s Ragnarok Heavy – will be heavy.

Come get a taste – or don’t. Games on either way! Prepare for battle May 29th and 30th!!


March 16, 2015 Ted

We’ve made a few tweaks to the way Fenrir’s Mayhem III scored this year. This year there will be three scored workouts with an additional fourth workout for the top athletes in each division. We will be using a highest score wins system. 1st place in each workout will be worth 100 points. Points given will decrease by 5 per rank, i.e.: 2nd place is 95 points, 3rd is 90 points and so on.

Friday there will be optional pass or fail skill stations. Each successfully passed skill station will earn the competitor 5 additional points towards their overall score. Assuming there are 10 skill stations (the number of stations is TBD) the competitor “could” earn up to 50 points. There is no penalty for attempted and failed skill stations.

Friday – athlete passes 5 skills = 25 pts
Saturday – they rank 1st (100), 4th (85) 2nd (95), 10th (55) = 335 points

Total points received would then be 360 points.

After Friday, skill stations points earned will be posted and ranks will be shown going into Saturday Competition.

As always we will have some creative skill stations and workouts planned for your competitive experience! Scoring of the Most Viking Beards and Most Viking Braids Competitions will be by the crowds! Bring your friends to compete or motivate you – prepare to get loud, prepare for battle – PREPARE FOR GLORY!

Now go train – Fenrir’s Mayhem III is coming!


February 19, 2015 Ted

After much debate here at Fenrir’s Mayhem (and a black eye that I am still icing) we finally understand that women cannot grow beards or mustaches – and therefore would not be eligible for the Most Viking Beard Competition this year.
So. The local Fenrir’s Mayhem Shield Maidens have voiced their complaints, we honor them with their own Competition to complement the Most Viking Beard Competition.
For you bad ass female warriors out there we will have the Most Viking Braid Competition. Yeah I thought it was a pretty cool idea too – so its on ladies!!
Not only is it bad ass – but you will be able to compete at the top of your game without hair ties..!
Braids, beards, heavy weight, and battle! What are you waiting for? Registration is OPEN!!


February 19, 2015 Ted0

Fenrir’s Mayhem III would like to make a clarification to the “beard competition” in advance. With respect to our Brothers in the Fire Department and other Services – Mustaches will also be considered for the Most Viking Beard Competition.
Please note that this says “Most Viking Beard Competition”. If you bring a hipster beard style of any type – you will be pummeled relentlessly by our Much Stronger than you Women. And our men will laugh. And point. And possibly spill beer on your beard wax.
So grow those beards and mustaches gentlemen. Battle is around the corner.

May 30, 2014 Ted0

There will be both indoor and outdoor space for both Vendors and Athletes. Bring a tent for outside – or set up in the gymnasium.

Sunblock, water, essentials blah blah blah – I shouldnt have to go thru all that with adults…
We have showers too. Indoor bathrooms. A/C. Breakfast. Lunch.

And Battle.