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Fenrir’s Mayhem VI is a two-day competition November 3rd and 4th. Registration is now OPEN and you can purchase tickets by clicking here.

The WODs will be all performed on Saturday. Like most competitions, you will have the ability to “pre-register” Friday night beginning at 5 pm. This, however, isn’t like most competitions. Instead of checking into your hotel and stressing about the WODs, you will be given the opportunity to earn bonuses at our skill stations on Friday night!

This is a competition of strategy as well as fitness. You as an athlete will have to come up with the best strategy for completing the optional skill stations to complement your performance on the WODs. And there will be a large assortment of skill stations to choose from.

You have to do the WODs, but the skill stations are optional.

Keep checking back for updates. WODs, Heat schedules, general times will all be coming together soon! In the meantime – LIFT HEAVY, GO FAST and TAKE RISKS! Fenrir’s Mayhem VI is coming!!

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