August 17, 2016 Ted0

Anything you see below this post related to WODs or Fenrir’s Mayhem IV (or Fenrirs Mayhem 4 for you country folk…) is related to our events in the past. It’s a great reference to use when trying to see what our WODs have looked like in the past. I do everything I can to make sure our WODs are made up of something you’ve never done before – so, read up.

But please dont send me a message about a past WOD and ask how to do it. It was in the glorious past. Let’s leave it there and focus on NOVEMBER 4th and 5th 2016!!

And I must say – the things I have rattling around in my head for Mayhem 5 this November 4th and 5th – one word folks: legendary.

So – in summary, below this message – probably past event stuff. Above this message – Mayhem 5 upcoming event stuff.

Stay tuned. It’s about to get real.