For both Individuals and Teams – there is a catch. Isn’t there always a catch? Watch the video for full details – and get ready to LIFT HEAVY!! I want to see HUGE lifts this year – get to practicing!

No more shit talking about how you like to lift heavy – come and show me.

Here is where my Ulfhednar will rise. Their strength and power will make the very ground tremble beneath your feet – will you have the strength to be among them?




Mayhem 4 WOD Release: Rise of The Varyags

May 3, 2016by Ted12016WOD

Mayhem 4 WOD Release: Rise of The Varyags

May 3, 2016 by Ted1

Qualifier top 4 individual and teams only


2 Rope Climb each (Options: *1 legless or 5 up downs)


50 yd Yoke w/ burpee over (25yd out, 25yd back) ( 1 burpee over per athlete at start, and at 25yd turn around point, and anytime yoke dropped. Burpee overs not required at finish

365/285 SX_GMX

465/365 RX_MX


10 Sand Bag ground to shoulder, to opposite shoulder, to ground.  *sand bags chained for teams

35/35 SX_GMX

70/35 RX_MX

(Each athlete on a team has a bag)


10-yds HSW (Option: Bear Crawlx5) *each athlete, one at a time for teams


16 KB Snatch (on stage) 32 for teams distribute anyway

35/25 SX_GMX

53/35 RX_MX


8 KB Pistol (on stage) 16 for teams distribute any way

35/25 SX_GMX

53/35 RX_MX

*Single arm overhead lunge – triple the standard reps as pistol alternate


Sprint back to rope


2 Rope Climb each (Options: *1 legless or 5 up downs)


For Time – no clock to save you..

One comment

  • Casey (would ask a question)

    May 27, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Pistols for scaled? Just asking since everything else has options listed for advanced movements. (And because I know how i am spending my next 7 days if you say they are required)


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